Prince of the Astral Kingdom chapter 2 pg 22

16th May 2020, 6:22 PM in The Dream of Anathra
Prince of the Astral Kingdom chapter 2 pg 22
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BUMBLEBEE 16th May 2020, 6:52 PM
Time for some back room dealin!
chris-tar 16th May 2020, 8:07 PM
Interesting combination of old world architecture and technology.
All your panels have good clear composition and are easy to read, not bogged down with details.
Colors and lighting are balanced and not distracting.
Thracecius 18th May 2020, 4:55 PM
I couldn't have said it better than chris-tar. I don't know if you werk from references frequently or if you just have that great a grasp of perspective and scale, but that first panel especially rocks!

Also, I forgot just how big our gator alien really is and this page drives it home.
Zachary Cullen Alford 18th May 2020, 10:50 PM
Zachary Cullen Alford
Thank you, guys! Your compliments are much appreciated! And I do use references quite a bit throughout this graphic novel. One good thing about being here in a community like comic fury is seeing how many other comics I like make liberal use of models or references. That makes me feel much less guilty about turning to photos for reference. What matters is how effective the page ends up. What I don't really like is when its obvious that a photo was used, sometimes ending up with a stiff result. But if you just use it as a guide its really cool to see where you take it from there letting your own interpretation manifest. Often it looks better than if you traced.