Prince of the Astral Kingdom chapter 2 pg 23

18th May 2020, 7:45 PM in The Dream of Anathra
Prince of the Astral Kingdom chapter 2 pg 23
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chris-tar 18th May 2020, 9:09 PM
Cool! An alien speakeasy bar! Lovin' it!
Thracecius 20th May 2020, 2:39 PM
Well that's cool, especially since they're both welcome, and not just the guy who looks like everyone else in the scene. That tells me they're used to seeing all types and don't discriminate against humans, at least not openly.

Going back to your response on the last page, even if you're using references, Zachary, your drawings are still imaginative and polished. I agree that it's not so much what you use are a reference, but rather how you incorporate it into your art. I realize art is subjective, but I think it's fair to say that there are certain standards to be met when you're trying to convey the reality of your environments and characters in your setting, and you achieve that handily. Like I've said before, I really like your style and I'm glad you chose it.
chris-tar 25th May 2020, 10:57 PM
It takes a lot of skill to use references effectively too.
Also, all that matters to me is the end result, not how you achieve it.... but I admit I like comics with hand drawn art more than those that use textured polygon models (bryce, poser, blender) etc...
Thracecius 27th May 2020, 5:49 PM
I can't disagree with that opinion, though there are a lot of subjective variables that determine what I like and don't like. Sometimes I read comics with poor art, but good storytelling or characters, but I rarely read a comic with the opposite traits.