Prince of the Astral Kingdom chapter 2 pg 42

13th Feb 2021, 6:39 PM in The Dream of Anathra
Prince of the Astral Kingdom chapter 2 pg 42
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chris-tar 13th Feb 2021, 7:15 PM
Every panel cool. Suspension bridge, Sky-Ship, mysterious pill, intimidating silhouette, and cool technology everywhere in the ship's interior.
Zachary Cullen Alford 13th Feb 2021, 7:47 PM
Zachary Cullen Alford
Danke! Yeah, the Mongols have managed to adapt some rudimentary technology from the aliens. Of course the hardcore mecha, laser and rocket tech the aliens keep jealously guarded. Anything that might later pose a threat. And quite frankly, earthlings wouldn't understand any of the high tech nor have the ability to recreate it. But steam power is something that even the ancient Greeks imagined. So I posit that certain resourceful humans could, with the blessings of their masters, jump into the future technologically speaking.
Marcel 13th Feb 2021, 10:39 PM
Beautifully done! Great perspective views. Your linework and coloring are also excellent!
Zachary Cullen Alford 15th Feb 2021, 9:55 AM
Zachary Cullen Alford
Thank you, Marcel! I'm glad you like the colors. Sometimes I feel I don't color coordinate enough. But I'm learning. That's the thing. There are no shortcuts, really. The more you do the better you become. That what makes it fun!