Prince of the Astral Kingdom Chapter 1 pg 90

8th Jun 2019, 12:43 PM in The Beast of the Medina Azzahra
Prince of the Astral Kingdom Chapter 1 pg 90
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chris-tar 8th Jun 2019, 2:55 PM
A severed Achilles tendon is pretty much a game ender I think.
Zachary Cullen Alford 8th Jun 2019, 3:02 PM
Zachary Cullen Alford
Yes, chris-tar it would be, but this is the calf muscle.
chris-tar 8th Jun 2019, 3:26 PM
Ahh. So there is at least half the muscle left then since the cut was higher up... eww yuck. Still damn painful though.
snuffysam 8th Jun 2019, 5:27 PM
Well all right, but that's not the part of his body that was clawing at you.
Zachary Cullen Alford 20th Aug 2019, 4:57 PM
Zachary Cullen Alford
BUMBLEBEE 9th Jun 2019, 12:54 AM
A hit! A very palpable hit.
Thracecius 10th Jun 2019, 4:49 PM
Gee, at first I thought the beastman was going to suffer from the agony of defeet, but apparently it's just that he's left with one leg to stand on.

*ba-dum tish*
Marcel 27th Jun 2019, 6:24 PM
Love the shocked look on the beat's face!
AmeliaP 2nd Aug 2019, 12:58 AM
Like they said, if it bleeds... (awesome combat!)